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House and Garden Tour – May 9
Kentlands Under the Lights – Community Dinner – June 13

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A Letter From the Co-Chairs

We consider ourselves blessed to have chosen Kentlands as our home. We know firsthand that the neighborhood is a wonderful place to raise a family, but even more that that – it’s just a fine place to live, whatever your age or family status. Schools, theaters, gyms, numerous parks, restaurants and shops are all within walking distance. Having been residents since the earliest days, we understand how the community has grown and matured. We have also been fortunate to know many of the Kentlands founders and numerous individuals who have worked faithfully to establish and preserve the original vision of our community.

But the building of our community goes on! Kentlands is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and a new generation of residents will help us chart the course for the future. With a strong sense of pride and gratitude, we hope to expand on the work of the founders as Co-chairs of this anniversary project. We are coordinating the work of a dedicated team of volunteers to stage a “K25” celebration that will help raise awareness about new urbanism and Kentlands’ unique place in that movement. Through a series of 25 fun events over 25 months, we will honor our visionary founders and strengthen our community. Most events will be “K25” versions of the wonderful events that already enrich our neighborhood, but a slate of special events dedicated to education on new urbanism and of course, celebrating Kentlands’ silver anniversary have been planned. There will be something to engage all members of the community.

We hope you will explore this website and come back often for K25 updates, to volunteer and find out how to join the celebration. You are invited to share your interests, meet more of your neighbors, learn more about our history and help make great plans for our future!

Ailene Renzi                     John Schlichting